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Safe & secure environments for business in Jamaica

Security Management

Everything from the right security firm to the installation of security management systems designed to protect an organisation and its people. Do you have a full time security professional responsible for assessing security risks and developing strategies to prevent or mitigate threats to your company? Who designs your emergency response plans? Who assesses programme effectiveness? Who in your organisation is responsible for training your employees & contractors with your security & safety protocols?

RuinRisk surveys & audits

Identify security, safety & governance gaps to reduce the threat of corporate litigation against the company, directors, or other individuals.


In this day & age when outsourcing has become the norm;

  • What do you have in place to manage your contracted services?
  • What policies and procedures are there?
  • What background checks, medical history and personal details do you have for each contract worker?
  • Do you know who your third party supplier is sending to your workplace?
  • What are their Health, Safety & Environment training programmes and key performance indicators?

Bradburys Jamaica has extensive experience in contractor management so let us work with you to design & implement the programmes you need to safeguard your people and business.

Policies, Procedures and Plans

All firms face audits, and lack of adequate documentation and a weak management system is the surest way to fail. Bradburys has extensive experience in ensuring audits are passed, whether food defense, safety or security [Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism and the Approved Economic Operator programmes].

Barbed wireSecurity & Safety Infrastructure Advice

CCTV, IDS, and EAC [electronic access control] systems can all help reduce the annual costs of manned guarding and add to your bottom line. What about your fleet? GPS Tracking advice & recommendations are available for the best solution to monitor and manage your fleet.


Theft and corporate fraud take place every day and lead to losses in any organisation. Bradburys Jamaica provides independent investigative resources to ensure profit retention. We make certain that advice and solutions are based on thorough, impartial consideration and analyses of all available pertinent facts and are realistic, practicable and clearly understood.

Crisis Management & Business Continuity

We will draft contingency plans to ensure your company’s resilience & stability, and train your Crisis Management Team. No matter the size of your business we will work with you for a bespoke user friendly solution. Proactive crisis management and tested business continuity plans prevent interruptions from becoming critical issues that threaten your people, operations, and assets. From hurricane planning to civil unrest, strike action, product recall, food defense and kidnapping etc.

BattlementsIndependent security advice & residential audits

For international assignees, arriving to work in a new country can be difficult. Bradburys Jamaica provides efficient relocation support. We know local rules & cultural norms, so contact us early for sound advice and support for your relocation needs. We can provide a great start for your international staff with bespoke solutions for each individual.

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